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What is Fashion?



Wikipedia has this to say about fashion: “Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, specially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture. Fashion refers to a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses or to prevailing styles in behavior. Fashion also refers to the newest creations of textile designers”.

We see a particular fashion evolve into a more popular and colorful trend or even see it becoming outdated after a while. But this was clearly predominant in the western world. Western travelers of the olden times traveling to Turkey, Persia or India noticed the absence of changing fashion in these countries as compared with the rapid pace of the Western fashion trends.

Times have changed and fashion is ever-changing throughout the world at an enormous pace depending on the occasions and seasons. It is interesting to see a blend of the eastern and western cultures in dress designing now. Designers adopt the styles prevalent in different parts of the world and offer unique creations that have clearly given way to a totally new perspective in fashion today.


Having Difficulty Getting Plus-sized Clothes? No worries!

Plus sized custom dresses from eShakti

Worried about a perfect fit for you just because you are a little out of the ordinary having to wear plus size clothes? Read on if you want to know more about getting a customized dress that fits you beautifully. eShakti, a popular custom clothing store online, makes custom dresses not only for regular sized people but for all kinds of plus sizes too. This has given eShakti a special place in the online custom clothing industry.

Whatever your size, all you need to do is to:

  • get your exact measurements (the size chart on the order page helps you with this process making it very simple and effortless)
  • choose your favorite dress/dresses from among the large display on the website under different categories
  • custom style your dress by choosing your preferred sleeve, neckline and length

Now you are ready to place your order for your favorite dress. That’s about it. Then wait for your order to be delivered at your doorstep within the next 2 weeks. Oh, what a great feeling to be seen in your new dress by all your family and friends and to receive rave comments about your great looks!

Plus size custom clothing from eShakti


How important is that fit?

How often have you messed up with your mood during those frantic and exhaustive shopping trips? The innumerable trials and those exasperating searches all for a particular pale shade with a specific type of sleeve and a neck that you want to stick your head into. Sounds familiar?

When it comes to dresses no store can ever appease the thirst of a woman because we always feel there aren’t enough designs out there in the store. That’s because we all have our fanciful priorities and preferences but in the melee of life we tend to accustom ourselves to what is available.

Of course the online clothing market has made it lot easier but they mostly sell stuff with definite sizes that are picked up by a hundred others. These standard sizes are thrust at you and you end up accepting that as your fate but how many times have you sulked if only the neck was a little more of an elongated V or if only the fit complemented your curves better.

We are individuals and each one of us has a unique liking and this is what defines our outlook and our overall personality. A right outfit with the right fit is what makes you stand out with exuberant confidence. It not only defines your personality but also gives you a comfortable feel to steer through your routine or gear up for that special occasion.

Why should you pay more for a logo just because it is the most spoken about brand when custom clothing online is trending to make you feel special?

Bespoke clothing is getting more and more popular because gone are those days that banked on ‘One size fits all’ and ‘One design suits all’, today the customers are smarter and conscious about that finesse, about the quality, about every little detail that go in to make you stand out in the multitude of the monotonous mass stuff being sold.

It’s okay to be fuzzy about your outfit. We like all your fuzz and are here to understand your specifications and redeem your taste with our customising expertise. In fact we will bring out the stylist in you.

Be your own stylist, choose your dreams choose your panache and we will deliver it all at your convenience just the way you wanted it to be.

Women’s designer fashion dresses Custom clothes from eShakti




How to Choose the Best Online Clothing Store

custom dress from eShakti

We find countless clothing stores online these days. How do we find out which is the best that delivers what it promises? Obviously, it is by going through their website and understanding what they have to offer you, the fashion-conscious diva.

When you see eShakti’s website for the first time, looking at the fine display of a different range of dresses for everyone, you’ll get the impression that it might just be the right place to find the perfect clothing for you. You’ll find that the clothes are trendy and reasonably priced and more than anything else they can be custom made to suit your size and style!

You don’t find this facility offered by all clothing stores online. It is a unique privilege that eShakti offers their customers keeping in mind the difficulty women face in finding perfect fitting clothes to look their best be it a social gathering or a family function.

You can custom order dresses choosing your favorite dress from the wide range displayed on their website by giving your height, measurements and also choosing the style you want. A size chart that will help you with the ordering process is also given, so your work gets simpler. Try eShakti’s dresses, skirts and tops today!

Summer sale is on, so rush to make the most out of your purchase. Get trendy clothes at a fantastic bargain! I am sure you’ll want to come back to eShakti for more shopping as it is true that it is one of a kind clothing stores online.

Want to see a few testimonials by a few real users of custom dresses from eShakti? Head on to this page here.