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custom dresses onlineI love to shop for dresses. Who doesn’t anyway? Most of us are passionate about the kind of dresses we choose to wear be it for daily use or for special occasions. It doesn’t hurt to get fleeting glances from onlookers, does it?

It only shows that your sense of dressing is admirable, so people want to give you a fond second look that only proves that they are appreciative of your appearance. This kind of indirect appreciation does boost your self-confidence and make you want to look even better and feel better too.

Now, eShakti’s principal aim is to give you that chance to choose from their very huge collection of dresses such as dresses, shirt dresses, tunics, tank tops, skirts, a large variety of pants and bridesmaid dresses too. The special feature of their offer is that you could get your dresses customized to your liking and preferences.

You could shorten your dress, lengthen it, change the sleeve pattern, you name it ;they have it. If you wear plus size dresses, they have a wide array of choices for you too. Shopping online has become a popular trend these days because we are hard up for time or so we say. We could utilize the time we spend shopping at malls for some of our other more useful jobs.

Of course it’s all in the mind. It is fun to go out shopping for dresses once in a while. But personally, I find that it is much easier to shop online as you have a wide choice in front of you when you order custom dresses online. 

All you need is to visit the online clothing store and choose the best custom dresses online giving them your size. This is what happens with a normal online dress store but eShakti goes the extra mile in offering their customers a number of customization options that are sure to impress you and make you want to place more orders wirth them in the future.

Here is a display of eShakti’s dresses, skirts and tops that are being offered at an incredibly low price. This offer may be open only for a few days, so visit for more details and grab the excellent offer. The prices shown under each image is the normal price but they are all being offered at more than 50% discount now.

Make the most of this offer now!! 

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What is Fashion?



Wikipedia has this to say about fashion: “Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, specially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture. Fashion refers to a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses or to prevailing styles in behavior. Fashion also refers to the newest creations of textile designers”.

We see a particular fashion evolve into a more popular and colorful trend or even see it becoming outdated after a while. But this was clearly predominant in the western world. Western travelers of the olden times traveling to Turkey, Persia or India noticed the absence of changing fashion in these countries as compared with the rapid pace of the Western fashion trends.

Times have changed and fashion is ever-changing throughout the world at an enormous pace depending on the occasions and seasons. It is interesting to see a blend of the eastern and western cultures in dress designing now. Designers adopt the styles prevalent in different parts of the world and offer unique creations that have clearly given way to a totally new perspective in fashion today.


Columbus Day Special Offer

Limited time discount offer on all clothes on eShakti. Rush to avail the massive discount on the beautiful dresses, tops and skirts before the offer closes.

Floral art print sheath dress

Floral art print sheath dress


This beautiful dress that is normally available for about $ 90 is now available for $63. Likewise, all the other dresses are also being sold at a huge discount. Remember this is not a clearance sale but a genuine discount sale as eShakti never stocks dresses, only takes customized orders from you and delivers to your door. Hope you make the most of this massive discount sale on eShakti. Visit today!!



Tux Front Dot Embellished Dress

Tux front dot embellished dress

















eShakti Women’s Tux front dot embellished dress – $89.95

Our dot embellished poplin forms a chic A-line dress accented in pin-tucked pleats and fancy-buttons on the bodice and a sash tie to cinch in the beautiful look, Slips on over head, partial side zip closure, Scoop neckline, sleeveless, Pleated full skirt with contrast banded stripes at the hem, Side seam pockets , Knee length , Lined in cotton voile , Cotton, woven poplin, pre-shrunk, smooth finish, light crisp feel, mid-weight , Machine wash.
Tux front dot embellished dress back

Spectacle Print Sweetheart Dress


Spectacle print sweetheart dress

Spectacle print sweetheart dress

Spectacle print sweetheart dress








eShakti Women’s Spectacle print sweetheart dress

Our spectacle print dress is styled with a low dipping sweetheart bodice to add just the right topping for our bow-tied retro A-line silhouette, Slips on over head, partial side zip closure, Sleeveless, inner bra strap keeps , Princess seamed bodice , Contrast solid trim at natural waist with a bow-tied front , Flared skirt, Side seam pockets , Below knee length , Lined in cotton voile , Cotton, woven poplin, pre-shrunk and bio-polished, light crisp feel, no stretch, lightweight , Machine wash.

$69.95 now available for $55.95

Illusion Floral Applique Tulle Dress

Illusion floral applique tulle dress

Illusion floral applique tulle dress back


















Illusion floral applique tulle dress – $139.95

Vibrant floral applique amps up the sweet charm of our sheer tulle dress, illusion topped and under-laid in vibrant satin; Slips on over head; partial side hidden zip closure , Scoop neck, sleeveless, inner bra strap keeps , Satin under-layer  with elastic high back;, Princess seamed bodice, Rubber gripping inside inner neckline , Banded waist, ruched pleat skirt , Side seam pockets , Below knee length , Lined in polydupion slub satin , Polyester, sheer tulle, light stretch, lightweight , Machine wash cold.

Floral embellished maxi dress

Floral embellished maxi dress



Floral embellished maxi dress back













Floral embellished maxi dress


eShakti Women’s Floral embellished maxi dress

Shoulder ties and a fitted bodice with elastic smocking show off your figure in our beautiful crinkled maxi dress finished with floral embellishment in the breezy hem, Slips on over head , Empire waist with ruffle trim , Ruched pleat skirt with ruffled flounce at hem , No pockets , Full length with 3″” heels on, Lined in cotton voile , Cotton, woven gauze, crinkled, no stretch, lightweight , Machine wash, no ironing, hand crinkle by twisting tightly into a rope shape, tuck the ends into a ball and secure with cord.

$129.95 available now for $103.95

Women’s Fashion Online – Emerging Trends In Fashion Shopping Today


1esThere was a time when the entire family chose to go shopping to malls, shopping centers and the like to buy clothes. This kind of provided the family a get-together time and entertainment. It used to be an enjoyable experience on the whole. Though shopping for clothes online is still a pleasurable experience even today, it is true that more and more people are taking to the internet.

Today’s lifestyle changes have brought about a need for doing things at a quicker pace than before. As such people don’t have the time for elaborate shopping and feel comfortable browsing the internet for anything and everything they want online. With great advancement in technology, you can order anything online with a click of a button. Literally. It is that simple today.

So the norm today is that, if you want to buy clothes online, you only need to spend some time in front of your computer to search for dresses of your choice, then order them online. This makes your shopping simpler and hassle-free.

Okay, now, when I say that you can shop online, you do become a little skeptical about how well the dress is going to fit you because you don’t get to try it on you if you are going to order online., a popular online clothing store featured on Vogue, Glamour and O Magazine, offers you dresses at affordable prices. The core of eShakti’s business is to let you customize the dress to suit your size and style.

Not only can you shop for clothes online at eShakti from the comfort of your own home, but you can also get your custom clothing made exactly as per your size and style requirements. You can add a sleeve or have the sleeve removed, make the skirt/dress shorter or longer or do any customization.

The next time you decide to shop online, remember that you can get wonderful custom clothing that are made exclusively for you. Visit , your friendly online clothing store for more details.


polka dot dresses from


Having Difficulty Getting Plus-sized Clothes? No worries!

Plus sized custom dresses from eShakti

Worried about a perfect fit for you just because you are a little out of the ordinary having to wear plus size clothes? Read on if you want to know more about getting a customized dress that fits you beautifully. eShakti, a popular custom clothing store online, makes custom dresses not only for regular sized people but for all kinds of plus sizes too. This has given eShakti a special place in the online custom clothing industry.

Whatever your size, all you need to do is to:

  • get your exact measurements (the size chart on the order page helps you with this process making it very simple and effortless)
  • choose your favorite dress/dresses from among the large display on the website under different categories
  • custom style your dress by choosing your preferred sleeve, neckline and length

Now you are ready to place your order for your favorite dress. That’s about it. Then wait for your order to be delivered at your doorstep within the next 2 weeks. Oh, what a great feeling to be seen in your new dress by all your family and friends and to receive rave comments about your great looks!

Plus size custom clothing from eShakti